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About Us

 I should have titled this page ‘About Me and Two Dogs’.   Us = Kitty Kelleigh and two dogs. 

I started this project part time after my sister, Betsy, passed away. It has taken me a lot longer than I thought to get it going. Since my sister died my mother in law passed away and I needed to take time away to settle her estate.  That involved repairing and selling a house at a most inopportune time among many other things.  The creditor phone calls were the worst.   I miss her very much and I do not blame her.  There is much more but the short story is — shit has happened to me too.  

During research and development of this product I learned many things, among them:

  •          Shit floats even in clear casting resin
  •          Horse manure contains more air than you would think
  •          If you dry it out enough, shit does not stink — that much
  •          I am not allergic to latex gloves, I wear them all the time


I hope you can see the humor in these products. The personalized version shows particular potential to make a person laugh or make them angry. I hope you make them laugh.

I am ready for a good thing to happen now.  After all, stranger shit has happened. 

So please BUY THIS SHIT!

Kitty Kelleigh

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Below are my two shop and office companions.   I am glad they are always happy to see me.